The BX Series: Power-Packed for Nearly All Your Property Needs

Jan 11, 2022

Kubota’s versatile BX Series line of sub-compact tractors – rated #1 for reliability1 – is ideal for residential property owners because it handles a wide range of projects with ease. Power-packed with a multitude of performance-matched attachments, this small but mighty lineup can tackle just about any job on your property. 

A 4-point front hitch on the BX Series models enables accessories, like a snow blade, or trip edge blade, claw grapple, and snowblower to be equipped for a range of jobs. A complete line of rear-mounted Land Pride attachments, like a post hole digger, box blade and rear snow blowers, are easily attached with the standard Category I 3-point hitch. All four BX tractors offer multiple deck options, including a mid-mount mower.

What’s more, the BX Series’ LA344 Swift-Tach loader, offered for the BX1880, BX2380 and BX2680, and the LA340 Swift-Tach loader for the BX23S, can be removed or attached without the operator leaving the operator’s station, making for easy trade outs from one attachment to another.

If you’re looking for a sub-compact tractor to help you better maintain your property or help with landscaping, here’s just a few of the available attachments to consider for the tasks at hand:

  • Front loader, grooming mower or rotary cutter, rotary tiller, and a box blade are essential for material handling and property maintenance.

  • Rotary cutters are ideal for clearing grass, weeds, and varying sizes of brush on rural acreage, and open spaces. 

  • Rotary tillers till soil for seedbed or planting preparation. 

  • A trip edge blade can be used for snow removal, landscaping, and other dirtworking tasks, while a box blade can rip and cut roots, create or clean out a ditch, or spread material such as gravel along a road.

Want to see this versatility in action? Check out the latest BX Series attachments video to help you with more ideas for getting work done on your property:


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