Performance Meets Technology in New Kubota Construction Equipment

Jun 21, 2021

Modern construction equipment is a marvel of engineering and innovation. One of the biggest areas of innovation within the construction equipment market is the inclusion of new technology. Technology in construction isn’t just for show. More often than not, technology added to construction equipment aims to improve things like ease of use, security, mechanical performance and productivity.

In 2021, Kubota announced a number of new pieces of construction equipment, all of which included notable upgrades in terms of standard and available tech. Each feature was made available for the purpose of better serving the operator and making the experience of operating a piece of Kubota equipment easier to operate, more comfortable and enjoyable.

For starters, standard full-color, seven-inch LCD screens that provide all the information the operator needs to know with a quick glance are now standard on the latest Kubota KX057-5 excavators. Having operational info readily available like this increases productivity and can help take the guess work out of operating an excavator. Ever lost a key? Optional keyless start is also available for the first time on Kubota’s excavators. The engine can be started with a four-digit code, and up to 10 user passwords can be set, eliminating the need for physical keys to start the excavator.

Another piece of technology owners and operators should consider is telematics – a system designed to monitor the machine’s health and location remotely. Telematics, now standard on the Kubota SVL97-2, can help an owner more efficiently monitor their machine’s performance, a rental company monitor where a machine from their lot is at any given time, and generally provides more peace of mind and added protection for your investment.


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